royal terns on the gulf of mexico

While suffering from cabin fever this past December, I decided to flip through photos from last January's trip to Sarasota, FL. I was in the area participating in a handful of art festivals (and being a bit of a beach bum). 

One of my favorite exploring days (ever), was a walk to Greer Island (aka "Beer Can Island") on the northern tip of Longboat Key with my Mom. The mint water of the Gulf of Mexico crashes into a driftwood maze of sorts. We stumbled on fellow beach combers, picnicking couples, fishermen. I found my lucky sand dollar.

 But my favorite part, were the royal terns on the walk back. Royal terns aren't prevalent in NY. They're like seagulls, but much bigger jerks (guard your PB&J). Strong personalities + severe features make them really fun to watch.

ANYWAY. Painting these were fun and helped remedy cabin fever. Hope they make someone else smile, too.