Interior Design Collab

My May was spent working on a large commission, a dream project with some unexpected challenges. The main culprit was working on a much larger scale than I (and my computer --- omg so painfully slow) were used to.

In a nutshell : I spent many days in my studio pleasantly creating happy light-hearted images of beach creatures that I can't wait to share with everyone (yes! there's more than I shared in my IG stories). I learned a lot about my work-limits and my computer's work-limits. AND (most important IMHO) I learned that I need to spend more time creating art in the physical realm and exploring outside. Too much time in front of a screen is... just yikes

I am not sharing that project yet because it's not completed, so I decided to share something I worked on in the Fall of 2016.


When the designer sent me these photos of the finished room, I was ecstatic. She knew exactly how to make my art shine in this cozy yet crisp space. Her website is

Knots Featured/Requested by the Client :

  • Carrick Bend
  • Fisherman's Bend
  • Figure 8
  • Beckett Bend
  • Lovers Knot
  • Double Sheet Bend

* I am not (*knot) a sailor or Girl Scout or Certified Knot Aficionado. I started painting knots when I was commissioned to paint Save the Date cards (Get it? Get it? Do ya?).  I was further inspired to paint more because of the way light & shadow wraps as the ropes twist around each other. Because of their intricate yet predictable structure, I find painting knots incredibly relaxing. Give it a try yourself sometime... xx