Beach Finds : Seaweed with Mussels

Let’s talk inspiration : I have a “Favorites” folder filled with photos I’ve taken 📸 & flagged for drawing reference. 98% of them I never use. Plants & bugs in the backyard, shots from the park, dinner, a visit to the botanical garden, some from a stroll on the beach. I rarely get a chance to dig into this folder because most of my work starts with an idea💡. “I’d like to do an instructional piece about opening clams.” So I find photos of clams, find photos of hands in the positions I need, and work from there. So, alas, my inspiration folder often sits untapped, which gives me simultaneous feelings of “so much visual inspiration for paintings” and “so little time to make them”. 🤓 Anyone else relate? 


THIS piece was inspired by something from THAT folder. Over the summer, I found this cluster of creatures along the shore in NY. Since July, I’ve kept coming back to how elegant this seaweed/mussel/barnacle situation was. Painting this piece was a super meditative experience, (so many green layers and twists and turns in that seaweed). Hoping to jump back into my “Favorites” folder soon. What do you all think?